Welcome to Campfire!

Campfire is a collection of tools and resources for use by Sierra Club volunteers, leaders, and staff. Depending on your Sierra Club role, you can use these tools to:

  • Access information and policies; collaborate with volunteers, leaders, and staff
  • Create and administer Sierra Club events
  • Create and manage campaigns on AddUp

Over time, we will be adding additional tools, including the ability to lookup and update Sierra Club volunteers and leaders.

Log in to access Campfire. AddUp users: Enter your AddUp username and password to access Campfire. First time user? Register here.

Have a question or need some help?
Contact campfire.community@sierraclub.org

06/18/19. Attention Campfire Community Users: We are experiencing issues related to new user registration. If you need to register for Campfire Community, please hold off and try again later. We are aware of the issues and working toward a resolution. If you are an existing Campfire Community user, you should still be able to log in. If you have accessed Campfire Community in the past and are still having trouble, please reach out to campfire.community@sierraclub.org. Thank you for your understanding.